Dallas, TX, USA

November 8, 2021


The Doctor

Dallas, Texas is perhaps the best big city in the southern United States. The women here are beautiful. Remember that this is the city that began the great American institution called the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.

Dallas is like Atlanta in that it attracts women from all over the South for school and work. Dallas is in effect two cities in one, with Forth Worth being so close by,so the number of people to supply all of the bars and clubs in this city is tremendous.

The best place to meet women in Dallas is Yale Blvd near SMU - Southern Methodist University (So Many Unbelievably Gorgeous Girls). This street is typical of many drags in American college towns, like State St. in Santa Barbara, Mill Ave. in Phoenix, and 6th Street in Austin, in that there are a bunch of bars and clubs within a drunken stumble from each other. The Green Elephant is my personal favorite, but you'll have a good time in any bar that catches your fancy.

There are many other areas of the city where women abound including Uptown, Upper Middle, and Lower Greenville Street on which you will find plenty of places to party and meet the Dallas girls. The Bank, Black Fin and Lift are some of my favorite places these days. 

Like LA and Vegas, most of the best-looking women in Dallas work in the service industry - bartending and waitressing. One of my favorite things to do in Dallas is visit the multitude of these bars and restaurants and flirt with the help.  Places like Bone Daddy’s, Twin Peaks, Jakes Hamburgers, Natural Sports Lounge, the Winghouse, Third Base and Hooters all call Dallas home.

The strip clubs are far better than the ones in Houston these days. The one I like the most is a place called the Lodge—but don’t bother showing up before 9pm, none of the decent-looking girls show up that early. Baby Dolls at 10250 Shady Trail is pretty cool, even on Sundays. There are also some cool places in Uptown.

The girls who work at the ZaZa Hotel are fine. A short walk down the street you will find Black Friar and The Idle Rich, off of McKinney.  Take the hot date you just met to Nobu or Trulucks right there.

In nearby Addison, there are some places worth checking out. The Hooters, Twin Peaks, Sherlocks, and The Flying Saucer off of Beltline are all excellent. Gloria's is OK if you get tired of hitting on the help.

In nearby Grapevine, Bob's Chop House has a decent selection of wine, so it's a great place to bring that hottie who waited on you at the bar last night.

The downtown hotels, clubs, and bars tend to be older and pretentious, but don't miss the Hooters - you won't be disappointed. This is where all the hottest Hooters girls in Dallas come to get tipped well by the wealthy businessmen working downtown, whose wives won't let them stay out with their buddies at the gentleman's club until late. Wear a suit and a Rolex and be funny and entertaining to get anywhere with the ladies here. Four Lounge is my favorite place in the evenings downtown - a great place for that hot PM date.

Bangkok, Thailand

October 19, 2021


The Doctor

If you love Asian girls and you are into sex with strangers, this is the country for you.  But a stern warning to start off with.  Check for an Adam’s Apple!  There are lots of “lady boys” here, and some of them can really fool you. “Ground zero” for all the fun is a place called the Nah Nah Hotel in Bangkok.  No I am not kidding, it really is called the Nah Nah Hotel and it is chock full of Nah Nah. I had a friend of mine who is an ER doctor from Vegas who literally walked into the bar/night club in this hotel, walked up to a group of girls and pointed to six of them, while shouting “you, you, you, you, you and you come with me”.  The quietly got up and in single file, followed him back to the room, where he proceeded to bang all six of the them—two at a time, while the others watched. 

Oh and that’s not the crazy part.  How about the blow job bars across the street, where literally you can have a drink with your buddy, while some chick (or someone you hope is a chick) is blowing you from a depressed platform under the bar!  Too much for me man.  Way too much. They’ve got bars here where the ladies are all half naked with numbers buttoned to their string bikinis.  If you like one, you tell the waitress the number of the girl you want, she will bring her over, you can talk and get to know her.  Then if things really go well, you can “bar fine” her—which is a fee to pay to the house so that she can leave with you.  And you can take off for the evening. Oh, and I love the shopping in this place—window shopping that is.  You know that scene in Rush Hour 2 when Chris Tucker is visiting Jackie Chan in China and they go to a bar with ladies sitting behind a glass window dressed in lingere—again with numbers buttoned to them—and Tucker is enthusiastically crying out—“Ooo…  Ooo… Number 57…  no 32…  no, no, 16” because he is so excited, he just can’t chose one.  Well they have that here too.  Yep.  After you pick the lady you want, she will take you for a “soapie”.  Don’t know what a sopie is?  Well, gentlemen—its awesome.  You can show up hung over, dirty and exhausted from a night of total debauchery and show up to one of these places and just let her do everything. She will take your clothes off, bath you, wash your hair, trim your fingernails, shave you—then bank you, wash you again and send you on your way—smiling, happy and feeling totally refreshed.   The main action is at Soi Cowboy (off Soi 23) or the Nana complex (Soi 4). To avoid wasting the first night, with late arrival, I will go to a hotel within a short walk from one of those places.  Nana Complex (Soi 4, just off of Sukhumvit), has about 20 or so Go-Go bars. I made it through about five or six, and again saw twice as much potential there as at EDSA complex. Maybe not as good as Soi Cowboy overall.  Soi Cowboy (between Soi 21 and Soi 23, on a road just off Sukhumvit, which runs parallel to it, is a two block long strip of about 10 Go-Go bars and 10 beer/band bars. I ventured into about four of the Go-Go bars, and saw at least  twice as much potential at those four as at the whole EDSA complex, in Manila. Soi 33, just off of Sukhumvit, has about a dozen beer bars, each of which have about a half dozen to a dozen hostesses each, available to chat with you and have you buy them drinks, or be bar-fined, if they like you. I went into about six of the bars, three of which had one or two quality candidates for more intimate conversations. Also, numerous massage parlors, of which I looked into about six, and only saw one that was impressive and would go back to, Naturee, on the Metro line about four stops north of Sukhumvit, about 25-30 minutes getting there from the Asok station, by Sukhumvit and Soi 19. The four times I arrived there, between 3:30 and 5:00 PM, it had from 50-100 girls available from which to choose, about two-thirds in the 18-21 age range. I was the only Caucasian there though, and the real newbies were too scared to go with me, apparently tales of the white man's large nature having preceded me. In general, Thai girls speak very little English compared to Filippinas, with probably 2/3 of the beer bar/go-go girls and all of the massage girls having no more than a couple hundred word English vocabulary, if that. So conversation is mostly limited, until you learn some Thai.  Go-go dancers more aggressive and short-timers, especially if they can get back to the bar before closing, whereas bar girls are not so overly aggressive and more likely to stay the whole night. Pataya is a beach town here where you can relax, get out of the city and have some fun.  Here you can find chicks playing checkers in these outdoor bars—enticing you to come and drink at their little area, while mommasun patiently watches over the flirting.  If you like one, bar fine her and have fun.  We stayed at one place in Pataya where my buddy Ben and I had a hotel room with our own private indoor pool with swim up bar—AND our own private back door entrance to the titty bar neighboring the hotel.  For $70 a night, we also had our own hot tube, Jacuzzi, stripper pole and sex swing in the room.  Outrageous.

Tucson, AZ, USA

October 25, 2021


The Doctor

Tucson is a much smaller town than Phoenix, but it's still a hell of a lot of fun. The place to be is Speedway Boulevard where the babes at the University of Arizona roam from Thursday to Saturday. The Cage and the Chicago Bar are my favorites. TD's Show Club (Gotta love the name) and Ten's, the best titty bars in this town are also on this street. This city really slows down come summer time when school is out, and the students head home. So plan your itinerary accordingly.

Ocean City, MD, USA

November 11, 2021


The Doctor

If you are in Maryland from June through August check out Ocean City. This beach town is a great place since tons of girls from the city and surrounding communities of Baltimore and Washington, DC flock here in droves in the summertime.

This place is as cheesy as the Jersey shore but more compact. Every summer this place is packed with high schoolers, big-haired Baltimore girls, and the like. They're all spread out on the 10 mile stretch of beach, but you only really need to hang out by the boardwalk.

Check out Seacrets on 49th for nighttime revelry.

Milwaukee, WI, USA

November 10, 2021


The Doctor

Milwaukee is full of friendly, friendly, friendly women, mostly of Scandinavian decent with pretty blue eyes, blond, red, or brunette hair. Summertime is the time to go - wintertime is too damn cold. There are tons of festivals during the summer and any spot along Lake Michigan (which looks more like an ocean to me) is just going to be great.

Surprisingly, this city is cool and sophisticated, with chic bars, lounges, and hotels.

Stay at the Intercontinental or the Phister Hotel. The former is modern and hip, the latter is old school and elegant. Both hotels will be recognized by the ladies in the city. To stay there gives you instead credibility.

There are three main areas downtown where you can meet and greet. The first is Water Street. Places like Water Street Brewery, Bar Louie, Trinity, Buffalo Wild Wings, Sullivans, Magilicutties, Brother, and Whiskey Bar are where the 18-23 crowd is. They are young, pretty, and fresh. But beware - bring your A-game. There are a lot of college guys here looking for the same thing you are, so be bold and be different.

The bars here are crowded, hot and the ratios aren’t the greatest, but you will be fine. Don’t forget how to “hit on the help”, who are gorgeous, friendly, and just plain awesome.

Old World Third Street is the next place you should hit up. Bootleggers, Buckhead, Buck Bradleys, Sweet, Apartment 720, and Sojo 7 are where you will find the ladies 23-28, who are in my opinion the best in the city. Like the proverbial Goldy Locks and the Three Bears, this area is “just right”.

Off the beaten path is a club called Decibel, a traditional nightclub which is lots of fun.

Jefferson Ave and Kilborn is where you will find lounges like Elsas, Mikeys, and Taylors with the 28-35 crowd. Taylors is known for their happy hours, where you can find the smoking hot young corporate executive who was transferred to Milwaukee from LA and initially hated the place, but now loves it.

Want to impress your new lady friend and have a great meal? Head to Bacchus, where the Bartolotta family keeps the food and the atmosphere charming and elegant. Umami Moto and Carnivore are other awesome places but be sure to leave room for desert following the amazing entrees. 

Gotland, Sweden

November 8, 2021


The Doctor

If you want to take part in a truly Swedish tradition, head to Gotland for the summer solstice, usually occuring on or about June 21st. It's easily accessible by ferry from Stockholm. Gotland is where all the kids go for this very important Scandinavian holiday. This is the day that traditionally Swedish girls try to lose their virginity. You know what to do.

If you have a chance to go to the Swedish vacation towns of Dalarna or Smaland with someone who has a summer home there, do so. I've heard the beautiful Swedish girls are out there in ridiculous abundance.