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This is a small town just north of Houston. There are some cute girls here but it’s a small scene. Check out Pappas, Dalton’s (a kicker bar), Lava Lounge, Sam’s Boat and Shananigans on Sundays.

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Conroe, TX, USA

November 2, 2021


God Damn Factor

This is a small town just north of Houston. There are some cute girls here but it’s a small scene. Check out Pappas, Dalton’s (a kicker bar), Lava Lounge, Sam’s Boat and Shananigans on Sundays.

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Los Angeles, CA, USA

November 10, 2021


The Doctor

Los Angeles, California is like no other place on earth. It's so big, it defies the imagination. There are plenty of beautiful women here thanks to the multitude of universities, the movie industry (mainstream and adult), the weather, the beaches, and the wealth of the area. If you know someone involved with the movie industry at all, you should definitely hang out with them for a while to get a taste of that scene. The women are outrageous, and there is a virtual cornucopia of them!

People complain that LA is plastic (LA is the real Silicone Valley). But I tell you, it is still the premiere destination for the traveling young stud like yourself, if just for the quantity and quality of the babes here. But be careful. It's pretty easy to get sick of this place after having to deal with all the pretentiousness, traffic jams, riots, earthquakes, fires, drive-by shootings, expensive partying, and the like, so pace yourself.

Hang out at the University of Southern California and the University of California at Los Angeles, the big schools in this town. Both are world-renowned for their amazing coeds. On-campus and in the Westwood Village are the place to meet them. The UCLA Mardi Gras held during May of every year has women 10 times hotter than the real thing held in New Orleans every February. Going to a party on fraternity row at either of these universities will convince you to transfer here for sure.

To meet the girls with enough money shop in Beverly Hills, head to the Beverly Center, Rodeo Drive, and its side streets. The beaches of Newport, Manhattan, Santa Monica, Venice, Huntington, and Hermosa are must-sees right after the workday ends (about 5 pm) when all the women are out roller blading, jogging, biking or power walking on the boardwalks.

Each one of these beaches has a slightly different personality. Find the one that's right for you. My personal favorite is Manhattan Beach. It's close to UCLA, so there are sure to be women on the beach when class lets out.

The bars here are excellent, including Sharks Cove, Hennesey, Mucho, Brewco, Beaches, Shellback Tavern, Rock N' Fish, and The Kettle. If you are going to venture out into LA's nightlife looking for the Pamela Anderson look-alike you've always dreamt about, you had better bring some cash to throw around and dress well.

This city is as big as London, New York or Paris without the mass transit system, which makes club-hopping difficult. For the best yield, head to Hollywood and Sunset Blvd.'s. Try Musso and Frank's Grill on Hollywood Blvd or the Roxbury, Argyle Hotel Bar, Bar Marmount, and the Viper Room on Sunset Blvd. Alternatively, check out Formosa Cafe on Santa Monica Blvd, the Gate and Coronet Pub on La Cienega, and Smalls on Melrose Blvd. Other places include Trader Vic's on Wilshire Blvd, the 3 of Clubs on Vine Street, the Lava Lounge on La Brea Ave, and the Cava and Chillers - both on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.

There is a lot a racial tension here in LA between whites, blacks, Mexicans, and various Asian groups. This could make it tough to find chicks with good attitudes who are not of your race, who will like you for who you are, not dislike you for what you are. Do your best to deal with any situation that may arise, and be careful in certain neighborhoods. If a group of friendly-looking gang-bangers should approach you with bricks asking directions, do yourself a favor and just stay in the car. Remember that South Central LA is the place where even the Mexican grandmothers beat the shit out of the tourists.

For some energy before heading out to do your thing, eat Korean Barbeque at Oh Dae Sun or Gui Rim. Both are excellent.

Denver, CO, USA

November 8, 2021


The Doctor

For you outdoor-lovin' guys in search of some outdoor-lovin' girls, head to Colorado. Denver sits a mile above sea level in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains, so the alcohol you drink may have a more pronounced effect when you are first exposed to the atmosphere up here. The air is as thin as the women, as Colorado is the "most fit" state in the US.

The girls here tend to have great attitudes, eat right, work out constantly and really care about their bodies. There are also a lot of Native American and Mexican women up here, many of whom are partially of Scandinavian descent, which makes for some beautiful women that call this area home.

The best places to hang out in Denver on the weekend when in search of the few local girls that you can't find in the mountains are the I Beam on Larimer Street, Wynkoop, the Chophouse, Enotaca, and Catacombs on 13th and Spruce.

The best strip club in the city is probably Cheerleaders. Just try to avoid a confrontation with that 6'5" biker with an attitude blowing smoke in your face. Avoid the "Cheerleader Beer" that is made on the premises and which comes in blonde, brunette, or red-head flavors, unless you want to puke up the elk and buffalo you had for dinner.

Philadelphia, PA, USA

November 11, 2021


The Doctor

Philadelphia is where the thirteen colonies ratified the Declaration of Independence and freed themselves from British rule. Maybe they knew what we do about English girls! This city is very Italian. Your competition is sporting a big-ass, cheesy gold chain, a tank top, tanning salon complexion, complete with well-moussed hair and dark jacket. I know, because a lot of my best friends are Italian, and I've seen them this way, despite all my teasing and prodding them in the direction of good taste.

The nightlife here is great though, and there are always some stunning women in the bars and clubs. These places are typical meat markets and are no place for the timid, so adjust your game accordingly and do your best to set yourself apart. That is best accomplished by walking upright, having a high school diploma, no criminal record, and driving anything other than a Camaro. Oh, and a suit would help.

During the day, if you are in the mood to check out the girls in Philly, head to University City (which looks more like a prison than a city), the home of some not-so-bad-looking girls at Drexel.

On the weekends, the places to be in Philadelphia are in and around South Street and Christopher Columbus Boulevard (called Delaware Avenue by the locals). Try Cafe Limbo and Mako's on South Street or Gothum, Spring Garden, and Rock Lobster on Christopher Columbus Blvd. Alternatively, head to the Irish Pub on Walnut St. and 20th, Trocadero on Arch Street, Xero on 4th Street, 111 on Chesnut and 3rd, Shampoo and the Bank on 8th.

Take note: the Italian girls here dress well and like to be spoiled by the men they meet while out on the town. You've got to open the wallet a little.

If you have access to a car or know someone with a ride, head just outside of Philadelphia to the Manayunk area and the River Deck Cafe for happy-hour late in the workweek.

New York, NY, USA

November 11, 2021


The Doctor

New York is as big and daunting as Los Angeles, Paris, or London with an attitude to match. During the day when masses of humanity commute into the city from neighboring communities to work, the population swells to greater than four times that of the entire country of Norway.

There are 5 boroughs in New York. It is safe to ignore four of them and concentrate your efforts on Manhattan. That's where you'll see and do everything that New York is so famous for, including its female residents.

The best time to be in New York is around Christmas/Hanukah and New Years. New Yorkers are actually friendly to each other when they are in the Christmas spirit. It's even customary to tip the muggers during the Yuletide! The stores on 5th and Park Avenues are absolutely mobbed, and the New Year's Eve party in Times Square draws hundreds of thousands of people every single year from around the world.

Yes, there are beautiful women in New York, but many of them won't want to go out with anyone they don't know, because there this place is big and full of strange men. Most of the women can't tell if you're one or not, so they usually play it safe and brush off all advances. If you have seen some of the men in this city, you can understand why they may do this. Don't be discouraged. Like in any big city with a similar attitude, you can still woo a local if you're smart and put in the effort. It's infinitely easier though if a friend or acquaintance who she knows and trusts introduces you to the chick so she knows you're safe.

During the day, head to Madison Ave, 5th Ave, and Avenue of the Americas where the women will be out shopping. Key places are Henri Bendels, Bergdorf Goodman, and Barneys. To make any sort of impression, have a major trust fund and own a Ferrari. Otherwise, just look the part. Like Paris, Milan, and Madrid, there are a ton of fashion models around, although diluted in a solute of millions of other girls, many of which may not be the least bit attractive. If you're really lucky you might run into a group of them out in the Village or Soho, since they tend to hang out there together with the rest of the international model crowd.

The happening bars and clubs in the city change constantly. By the time you read this, what's hot now won't be, and clubs that will be probably don't even exist yet. But Webster Hall on East 11th between 3rd and 4th Avenues, the Tunnel on 12th Avenue and 27th' System on 13th and 3rd and the Palladium on East 14th between 3rd and 4th seem to survive year to year and are sure to be good on the weekend. Take a look at what's online before you go into the club. These clubs tend to be full of tourists. These clubs are not cheap, and there is plenty of attitude to fill clubs 10 times their size, but they are worth checking out since they are exactly the kind of clubs you would expect from a place like New York. Dress well and bring plenty of cash. These places are often divided into sections with different clientele inhabiting different sections. Sometimes the security men won't let you into certain parts of the club if you don't have the right look for that section.

There are an enormous number of places in New York that are as good as the aforementioned clubs, but perhaps less known to those who don't live here. Twilo on 27th and 10th Ave, The Cheetah Club on 21st and 5th, Opera on 21st and 12*, Kaos off of Union Square, the China Bar on 63rd, The Roxy on West 18th, Dorian's on 7th Avenue, the Spy Bar on Green Street, Merc on Mercer Street, Envy on the corner of Hudson, Touch in Times Square and Spring, Liquids on 36th and 12th are all pretty good and feature a nice variety of fine-looking chicas from all over New York and adjacent New Jersey.

The upper-East Side is just east of Central Park from about 5th Avenue to 1st Avenue and from about 40th Street to 98th Street. There are a lot of professional types who live here and more millionaires per square foot than anywhere else in the world (because they are stacked on top of each other in the skyrises)! The upper-East side is also home to the greatest collection of art museums in the United States. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), the Frick Museum, and the Guggenheim are located here. Most of New York's greatest restaurants like Aureole, Le Cirque, Daniel, Le Chantilly, Four Seasons, Fifty Seven, and Lespinasse are in the upper-East side. Both the culture and the cash so prevalent on the upper-East side will ensure a steady supply of hot women in the area at any given time.

If you prefer the uptown crowd frequented by the many good-looking, young female professionals in this city who call New York their home, head to Venue on West 38th, Prohibition, the Bowery Bar on East 4th Street, Polyesters on 8th Street (there are actually two in the city), the Ski Bar on 2nd Avenue, Brother Jimmy's on 76th and 1st, Moe's Caribbean, Iggy's, Sweet Melissa's, Bare Bar* Bar 13, Merchants on Thomas Street, the Gingerman, Jake's Dilemma on Amsterdam, the Lemon Bar, the Union Bar and Phoebe's on Columbus Ave. These places tend to have a lot of chicks relaxing having a drink with their friends, perhaps a small dance floor, and a lot of flirting going on. Unfortunately, the ratio in these places may be unfavorable for the enthusiastic guy, so be bold and daring, lest you lose out to squid with the balls to roll up on a table full of girls talking with each other and seemingly uninterested in meeting anyone.

There are also a lot of good-looking women on the upper-West side. They are mostly Jewish girls in packs of 10 to 20 who may seem totally unapproachable to you but give them a shot. If you have a Jewish friend from New York, chances are that he'll know a few of the girls in these bars and can introduce you. This is a very close-knit community in which everybody knows each other. Oftentimes, they've already hooked up with multiple individuals within the same social circle. Know someone and be a successful dentist or lawyer with a name that ends in "berg" or "stein", if at all possible. And take off that crucifix from around your neck. Save it, the tank top, and the steroids for when you go out in New Jersey.

If you are looking for the best strip clubs money can buy in New York City, head to Scores on East 60th Street, Shenanaggins, NY Dolls on Murray Street, Tens, and Flash Dancers on Broadway. A table dance will set you back $10, but they are frequently tipped much more than this by all the Wall Street types.

If you're in New York during the summertime head for the beaches in the Hamptons out on Long Island. Here you will find all of the beautiful Jewish and Italian girls you could ever want. The Hamptons is a general area on the eastern side of Long Island, including the towns of East Hampton, West Hampton, and South Hampton. In addition, Amagansett, Sag Harbour, the Moriches, Shelter Island, and Montauk are more or less considered parts of the Hamptons. South Hampton is a playground for the rich and famous, but the other towns and beaches may bring you more luck as the level of pretentiousness is far less. Generally, it's way too difficult to only come out here for the day or the evening since the traffic on the way out here is horrible on the summer weekends. It's much easier if you know someone who has a place out here where you can crash. Keep an eye out so that you don't step on any medical waste or hypodermic needles on the Hampton beaches. The girls here may have left New York City, but they didn't forget to pack their attitudes. They never leave home without them. So the same rules for New York apply out here. Dress well, know someone, be introduced or be bold and daring.

Club M80, Boom, and Tavern on Route 27/Sunrise Highway in South Hampton are the places to be come nightfall to meet the beautiful NYC chicks who abandon the heat of the city every weekend and head to the beach.

Alternatively, head to the lesser places in West Hampton like Tongue in Groove and Cassey's. Don't feel as though you are missing out if you can't make it out to the Hamptons in the summertime. This city is packed with Europeans, Americans visiting from other parts of the United States and rich girls home from college or boarding school from June through August, so there are sure to be plenty of options around.

New York City also has some of the best eats in the world. Once you meet that Wall Street girl you have always dreamed of, take her to Dim Sum Go Go, The Spotted Pig, The Magnolia Café, Per Se, Baboo, The Standard, or Mas farmhouse. Good food makes women like you more. It is a provider/hunter/gather primal instincts thing. Don't fight it. Go with it...

Chicago, IL, USA

November 2, 2021


The Doctor

Chicago is a guy's town. Bars here tend to be full of guys who sit around, drink beer and talk about women and sports. But there are places to meet girls if you know where to look.

The good thing about this place is that many of the good-looking women from the Midwest come here to live, work and go to school, because it really is the only reasonably international, cosmopolitan city in this area of the country.

The bad thing about Chicago is that it is colder than hell. Winds coming from Canada sweep across the freezing water of the Great Lakes into Chicago and hence the city's epithet, the "windy city".

The weather may be cold and rainy, but the women are warm and friendly. The only place I have ever been where girls came up to me in the bar and sat down with a pitcher of beer and asked me to have a drink with them! If you are here in the summer when it is finally warm outside, you will find numerous outdoor festivals where you can try your luck with the mid-Western girls who are happy to be out socializing after the long winter has subsided.

At night the places to be here are Rush and Division Streets, Bucktown, and the North Side for the bars and clubs. The Chicago social scene is similar to Philadelphia's in that it is very competitive, so step it up!

My favorite places are Delilah's on North Lincoln Ave, the Big Nasty on Lincoln Ave, El Jardin's on North Clark Street, The Hang Uppe on West Elm Street, Clubby Bear on West Addison, the Baja Beach Club on East 3rd Street, Kincaids, the Shelter on Fulton, the Wild Hare on Clark and Butch McGuire's on Division Street. If you are in town while a football or baseball game is going on and you don't have tickets for the game, check out the Bull and Bear-- a sports bar aptly named for the local sports teams which they support.

Corpus Christi, TX, USA

November 2, 2021


The Doctor

If you ever find yourself in Corpus Christi, have a bite to eat at the Hooters here, which is better during the summertime than during the school year.

Head out to Ropers on Tuesday evenings for college night during the academic year. OMG—just awesome.  It’s a typical country-western/hip-hop music scene. Very clique, so you will have to work to make it work. Don’t be shy, player.  

On Fridays, try The Reserve - right down the street.  It’s in the same complex as a strip club called The Palace, which is the best one in Corpus besides Cheetahs

On the weekends, the bars and clubs on Chapperalla Street are decent if you're into the hip-hop/urban scene.

For great results head downtown on Water Street on the weekends. Bourbon Street, Aria, Martini Bar, Whiskey River, Toxic Clicks, and the Voodoo House are pretty good. 

If you're lucky enough to getchya a date, there is nowhere else better to take her to dinner than the Republic of Texas Restaurant on the top of the Omni Bayfront Hotel. Good wine, excellent service, and jaw-dropping views.

South Padre Island, the famous spring break spot for all the southern college students who don’t go to Panama City, is pretty dead at other times of the year.