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Huge college town. Lots of beautiful girls. Check out the campus of the University of Alabama at Huntsville during the day when all the beautiful girls are roaming between classes.

If you can't make it during the day, check the evening shift on the weekends at the local Hooters. It's superb and right around the corner from campus.

Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, the bars and clubs at the Bridge Street Town Center are just overflowing with beautiful girls. In general they are super friendly and very outgoing.

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Huntsville, AL, USA

November 9, 2021


God Damn Factor

Huge college town. Lots of beautiful girls. Check out the campus of the University of Alabama at Huntsville during the day when all the beautiful girls are roaming between classes.

If you can't make it during the day, check the evening shift on the weekends at the local Hooters. It's superb and right around the corner from campus.

Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, the bars and clubs at the Bridge Street Town Center are just overflowing with beautiful girls. In general they are super friendly and very outgoing.

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San Diego, CA, USA

November 15, 2021


The Doctor

San Diego is an awesome city. There are tons of beautiful girls here - Playbody is constantly at the local universities recruiting girls to do pictorials for college editions. The bad news is the girls in San Diego tend to date the same guy for years, which can be incredibly frustrating (unless you're him). They don't even go out all that often and give the rest of us a chance. It's not like there's a paucity of bars and clubs, either. San Diego is just one of those places inhabited by a bunch of early-to-bed, early-to-rise kind of people - except on the weekends.

Pacific Beach and Mission Beach are the collegiate, surfer, and military hangouts. La Jolla (pronounced La Hoya, for those of you who flunked high school Spanish and don't want to make an ass out of yourself) is wealthier and boring, but beautiful. Downtown is where it's at, and therefore where you should be! The Gas Lamp District downtown is freakin' awesome. It's and just a short taxi ride from the airport. Stay at the Hard Rock Hotel or the W Hotel - that is where all the beautiful people go.

Girls at the clubs here are similar quality to the ones in LA, but way less pretentious and easily approachable. Look good and dress well down here. Most everyone is fashion conscious since Hollywood is just up the road.

Stingaree, Fleetwood, Basic, La Puerta, Side Bar, and Fluxx are some of my favorite places to meet the ladies. Not sure where to go or what's hot? Just walk up and down Market, G, and F Streets and follow the noise and you will be fine. Check out the Hooters down here. Usually, there's some pretty decent talent.

Pacific Beach, referred affectionately as "PB" by the locals is a perfect place for you to practice your game. The most action in PB is on Garnet. Two huge bars dominate the scene - PB Bar and Grill and Typhoon Saloon. Get there early or be prepared to wait in line. Fred's Mexican Cafe is next door to the Typhoon if you're looking for some decent Mexican food. Check out Bob's Dive, Sinbad Cafe (which is a hooka bar that attracts groups of hot girls), or Cabo Cantina. Tavern on the Beach and Plum Crazy usually has hot girls inside, so it might be worth your time. Society is a billiards place to chill after you have met the cutie you've been looking for. Finally, Millers Field is a cool sports bar filled with girls who are way laid back and cool.

During the day, hang out on the campus of SDSU and check out the boardwalks of Mission and Pacific Beaches after 5:00 pm when the babes come out to work out. Run, bike, or rollerblade and be bold in your approach. The boardwalk is not a place for the shy and timid, it's quite difficult to strike up a conversation with someone who's riding a bike past you! Mouse's on Mission Beach offers a nice vantage point to plan your approach.

Come nighttime on Mission Beach, check out Club Tremors on Garnet and Club Sevilla. There are usually some good-looking women out and about at these places. Be careful: a lot of the women here have military boyfriends or husbands, as there is a huge US Navy base close by. You may have your wrap rudely interrupted by a pissed-off, testosterone-filled soldier who's ready to kick your ass. You may run across a "West Pac Widow", which is a wife of a navy man who is overseas for months at a time in the South Pacific. I tend to avoid the West Pac Widows - it's bad karma to try to get with a soldier's wife.

Another good thing about San Diego is that Tijuana, Mexico is just south of here. There is some serious partying that goes on across the border. The party-goers tend to be kids from San Diego who are under the US legal drinking age and are very intent on taking advantage of the fact that in Mexico if you are old enough to walk (even if you're already drunk), you are old enough to buy alcohol. But beware - don't give money to all the little kids with dirt-smudged, adorable faces selling gum or candy. Unknowing tourists can't help but shove money at them. They make a killing. Don't believe me? Watch one of those little con artists for 15 minutes and see how much money they rake in, it's incredible.

Drunk partiers who piss off Mexican police or bar proprietors have been known to get their asses tossed in jail without trial and have to pay ridiculous bribes to city officials to get out, so be careful down here! Worse yet, if you look at all Mexican you will get a load of shit when you try to come back into the United States, I guarantee it. The border police are dumb as shit, and they like to act like badasses and mess with all the returning party-goers. Don't give them a reason to mess with you. Don't give them the satisfaction. Believe me. I speak from personal experience.

I remember the time I went to Tijuana with my buddies. Being a darkie, I was paranoid that I was going to get harassed by the border patrol when I tried to get back into the country. Sure enough, even after seeing my passport, my license, and my medical school ID, they still brought me to stand before the man, as my buddies (and my brother who looks just like me) were waved through with a nod. I was accused of trying to smuggle steroids into the country and was invasively patted down. When I protested my terrible treatment, as I was leaving the agent said "I am the US border patrol. I can go inside you if I want." Now that's a God complex. Needless to say, I was out of there in a hurry and promised myself that I had just made my last trip to Tijuana. It totally wasn't worth the danger and the hassle.

Palm Springs, CA, USA

November 11, 2021


The Doctor

Palm Springs is the big spring break hangout in California. It's out in the middle of nowhere, but it's fun as hell. There obviously aren't any beaches, but they have something almost as good: beautiful girls poolside.

The hotels here are huge and offer spring break packages at special discounts. It's very easy to meet chicks who are staying at your hotel because it's really obvious who the students are and who the older, rich folk are.

The main street downtown is packed on nights when spring breakers are in town. The crowd is much smaller and much less hedonistic than other spring break spots, but there are beautiful women. Most of the female students who come here to party tend to be of the wealthy, stuck-up, LA variety.

Santa Barbara, CA, USA

November 15, 2021


The Doctor

Don't miss out on visiting Santa Barbara just north of LA. It's fun and packed with beautiful women from all over California. Santa Barbara, along with nearby Malibu, is where Baywatch was filmed, to give you an idea of what you're working with.

During the academic year, it's packed with gorgeous college girls. In the summertime, the less pretentious Californians come here on the weekends to get away from LA.

Santa Barbara is probably my favorite city in the US because it reminds me of the Basque country in Europe. There's a big university - the University of California at Santa Barbara out on La Isla Vista, which should be named La Isla de Chica Finita; a great nightlife, which centers in and around State Street; and beautiful girls. Half of the girls I saw on the campus of UCSB or out on State Street from Thursday through Saturday night turned my head. On top of all that, the beach on La Isla Vista is packed with UCSB girls when it's hot outside.

I went to a fraternity party on campus here one year and I almost didn't leave. Going to Harvard was definitely not worth missing out on fours years of this. And oh, did I mention? If you think the girls at UCSB were hot, take a walk over to Santa Barbara City College just off of Shoreline Beach by State Street. The girls who were too hot and not bright enough to get into UCSB are all here. Santa Barbara gets the best GDF score in the US!

Milwaukee, WI, USA

November 10, 2021


The Doctor

Milwaukee is full of friendly, friendly, friendly women, mostly of Scandinavian decent with pretty blue eyes, blond, red, or brunette hair. Summertime is the time to go - wintertime is too damn cold. There are tons of festivals during the summer and any spot along Lake Michigan (which looks more like an ocean to me) is just going to be great.

Surprisingly, this city is cool and sophisticated, with chic bars, lounges, and hotels.

Stay at the Intercontinental or the Phister Hotel. The former is modern and hip, the latter is old school and elegant. Both hotels will be recognized by the ladies in the city. To stay there gives you instead credibility.

There are three main areas downtown where you can meet and greet. The first is Water Street. Places like Water Street Brewery, Bar Louie, Trinity, Buffalo Wild Wings, Sullivans, Magilicutties, Brother, and Whiskey Bar are where the 18-23 crowd is. They are young, pretty, and fresh. But beware - bring your A-game. There are a lot of college guys here looking for the same thing you are, so be bold and be different.

The bars here are crowded, hot and the ratios aren’t the greatest, but you will be fine. Don’t forget how to “hit on the help”, who are gorgeous, friendly, and just plain awesome.

Old World Third Street is the next place you should hit up. Bootleggers, Buckhead, Buck Bradleys, Sweet, Apartment 720, and Sojo 7 are where you will find the ladies 23-28, who are in my opinion the best in the city. Like the proverbial Goldy Locks and the Three Bears, this area is “just right”.

Off the beaten path is a club called Decibel, a traditional nightclub which is lots of fun.

Jefferson Ave and Kilborn is where you will find lounges like Elsas, Mikeys, and Taylors with the 28-35 crowd. Taylors is known for their happy hours, where you can find the smoking hot young corporate executive who was transferred to Milwaukee from LA and initially hated the place, but now loves it.

Want to impress your new lady friend and have a great meal? Head to Bacchus, where the Bartolotta family keeps the food and the atmosphere charming and elegant. Umami Moto and Carnivore are other awesome places but be sure to leave room for desert following the amazing entrees. 

College Station, TX, USA

November 2, 2021


The Doctor

College Station is a veritably playground full of hot, corn-fed, country, college girls, with Texas-sized personalities. Texas A&M rules here, and it only makes sense to come during the school year. 

North Gate (on College Main and University) is the center of the social universe outside of campus. There are tons of places to hang out and I will list more than a few of my favorites, but if you just show up and follow the noise, you will be fine.

The Corner (3 floors of fun), Antonino's (where everyone goes after the clubs for late-night pizza), Hookah Station Lounge and Night Club, the Foundation Room, the Social, Gatsby's (although sometimes they only let in people with college ID's), Kyoto Sushi (which goes from restaurant during the day to club at night), Logans, the Tipsy Turtle, Paddock Lane, O'Bannon's, Daisy Dukes (great kicker bar), Dry Bean saloon for shots, Dixie Chicken to chill, Mad Hatters, Cedar Lane, Draft Rebel House, Cafe Eccell (a pizza and wine bar) and La Bodega (a baja taco bar). Christine's, Veritas and Madden's (in Bryan, Texas - right next door) are all great places to bring a girl for dinner. You will surely impress.

If you are into flirting with the waitresses, for sure check out the Texas Road House Restaurant.

Tucson, AZ, USA

October 25, 2021


The Doctor

Tucson is a much smaller town than Phoenix, but it's still a hell of a lot of fun. The place to be is Speedway Boulevard where the babes at the University of Arizona roam from Thursday to Saturday. The Cage and the Chicago Bar are my favorites. TD's Show Club (Gotta love the name) and Ten's, the best titty bars in this town are also on this street. This city really slows down come summer time when school is out, and the students head home. So plan your itinerary accordingly.