Pullman, WA, USA

November 12, 2021


Now you know that I love college towns, and there are two good ones just a few miles of each other—Washington State University in Pullman and the University of Idaho just across the border in Moscow, Idaho. If you ever find yourself out in the Walla Walla wine country in eastern WA or in Spokane, WA, head down to Pullman on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. The college girls are over there - that is if you are caucasian under 25. If you’re not, this will be a tough gig.

Mikes (formerly known as Stubblefields) up on campus is always good during the school year, as well as Beaches over in Moscow.

Testing the test

October 31, 2021


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Daytona Beach, FL, USA

November 8, 2021


Daytona's Atlantic Avenue strip is every cheese head's dream spring break destination. You can drive your low-rider onto the beach and hit on the sunbathers during the day, and repeat with beautiful Budweiser beer girls at night. Some of the hottest girls I've ever seen have been those working spring break on Florida's Daytona Beach. Check it out.

As in other spring break hot spots in Florida, most bars and clubs are dude-fests, but if you take the time to venture away from the most crowded areas of the beach you may strike gold. Alternatively, you can put on your big-boy pants and chat up the ones that are so hot, they seem impossible to get. Maybe you'll get lucky.

The three big clubs here are all together in the same building. Razzles and Aqua are the best. The Hooters and Wing House especially are excellent. In fact, the Wing House here is my favorite in the entire country.

Cannes, France

November 2, 2021


Cannes has much better beaches than Nice for two reasons: the first is because the beaches are actually made of sand, and the second is the women on the beach are topless. The beaches here are almost enough to redeem your bad feelings about France after visiting Paris. I said almost!

The Boulevard de la Croisette and rue d'Antibes are the main drags and are lined with expensive stores, expensive cars, and expensive hotels. Check out Jane's on rue des Serbes come nightfall.

The famous Cannes Film Festival takes place here every May. If you want to make friends, you can always speak English really loudly in the cafes, wear a baseball cap in the restaurants or throw around a football on the beach.

Utrecht, Netherlands

October 25, 2021


After Amsterdam and Rotterdam move onto the better university towns of Utrecht, Gronigen and Leiden. All of which are big university towns packed with beautiful and reasonable friendly Dutch chicks you have to stand on your toes to talk to. My favorite city in Holland by far is Utrecht. This place rocks in contrast to the "let's hang out and drink, talk and get stoned" mentality of the rest of Holland (save some good clubs in Amsterdam). There are some damn beautiful women here, mostly students and young professionals. The best bars and discos are situated down by the canal on Oudegracht Weerdzijde and Ouderkhof. The Shira and Sheeva Clubs here are perennial favorites, which are absolutely packed on the weekends. Like in Spain, every girl is smokin' hot, dressed well and is debunking every conceivable gravitational theory known to man, out there shaking them things on the dance floor. Wu! There is also a huge mall that is actually part of the central train station just west of here where you can scam during the day. The university is actually way out in the boon docks surrounded by farm country. Don't bother unless you are going to stay for a while. Unfortunately, the only youth hostel in this town is also way the hell out here. By you never know. You may get lucky and take a roll in the hay with one of the many fine farm girls turned collegiate coeds who are so numerous out there! The thing that struck me about this town was that fact that I had never seen more squids with gorgeous women for girlfriends anywhere else in my entire life. I met this 15-year-old Turkish kid who showed me around town one night. (The Turks are damn hospitable people by the way.) He brought me to all the good clubs, introduced me to his friends and took it upon himself to make sure that I had a good time, which of course meant I had to get runkled by one of the local chicks. We went through many gorgeous candidates that night or more accurately that morning, all of whom were eventually joined by their boyfriends who looked like they (had they lived anywhere else on Earth) should feel lucky just to masturbate while fantasizing about girls who looked this good. My new buddy, Amir, facilitated all interactions with the females out that night by making the first move on all sorties in my name. He arranged back-up, took care of many would-be Mother Theresa's guarding the entrances to their beautiful friends and also talked me up like a champion copilot. Thankfully, we met several worthy, unattached Amazon-sized, Zeena types, one of which decided to step up to the plate and make my decision of who to runkle an easy one. But hooking up with her meant that I would miss the last bus back to that damn youth hostel! Amir said, "No problem my friend!" At 4:30 in the morning, this kid rode his bike two miles out of town, picked up my stuff at the youth hostel and pedaled three miles to this chick's apartment to drop it off. It took him about an hour. He even waited patiently outside the door until the squealing stopped, mine— not hers. Remember how big these girls are. Now that my friends, is a wingman! The best time to visit is on the weekend during the school year. But there will always be plenty of booty around no mater when you visit, as there are also a ton of young professionals working in Utrecht year round.

Lubbock, TX, USA

November 10, 2021


I absolutely love Lubbock, Texas, because of the University of Texas A&M, and the gorgeous, friendly girls that go to school there. Campus is huge, so good luck hoofing it in the hot Texas sun around campus. There are a few student bars just adjacent to campus where you can meet the ladies much more easily. Cricket and Chimy are my two favorite bars here.

The rest of this town has a few other cool pockets of activity: Old City, Depot District, and Center City. Here are some of the cooler bars and clubs in these other sections of town in no particular order: Public House, Ladder 15, Blue MartiniContinental, Red Rooster, Buck Wild, Graham Central Station, McFaddens, Cadillac Bar and Grill, Tin Roof, and Deja Vu.

The Hooters here is really good. Get to know some of the girls and see if you can get them to show you around.

Philadelphia, PA, USA

November 11, 2021


Philadelphia is where the thirteen colonies ratified the Declaration of Independence and freed themselves from British rule. Maybe they knew what we do about English girls! This city is very Italian. Your competition is sporting a big-ass, cheesy gold chain, a tank top, tanning salon complexion, complete with well-moussed hair and dark jacket. I know, because a lot of my best friends are Italian, and I've seen them this way, despite all my teasing and prodding them in the direction of good taste.

The nightlife here is great though, and there are always some stunning women in the bars and clubs. These places are typical meat markets and are no place for the timid, so adjust your game accordingly and do your best to set yourself apart. That is best accomplished by walking upright, having a high school diploma, no criminal record, and driving anything other than a Camaro. Oh, and a suit would help.

During the day, if you are in the mood to check out the girls in Philly, head to University City (which looks more like a prison than a city), the home of some not-so-bad-looking girls at Drexel.

On the weekends, the places to be in Philadelphia are in and around South Street and Christopher Columbus Boulevard (called Delaware Avenue by the locals). Try Cafe Limbo and Mako's on South Street or Gothum, Spring Garden, and Rock Lobster on Christopher Columbus Blvd. Alternatively, head to the Irish Pub on Walnut St. and 20th, Trocadero on Arch Street, Xero on 4th Street, 111 on Chesnut and 3rd, Shampoo and the Bank on 8th.

Take note: the Italian girls here dress well and like to be spoiled by the men they meet while out on the town. You've got to open the wallet a little.

If you have access to a car or know someone with a ride, head just outside of Philadelphia to the Manayunk area and the River Deck Cafe for happy-hour late in the workweek.

Jersey Shore, NJ, USA

November 9, 2021


If you're in New Jersey during the summertime, check out the beaches at Belmar, Long Beach Island, and Wildwood. There are always girls there on the weekends when the weather's hot. Belmar has the beautiful, guido-loving, collegiate types from North Jersey, while Wildwood and its infamous boardwalk tends to cater more towards families and a younger crowd.

All you men take note - all of the bars on the Jersey shore are cheesy as hell. So if you shave your chest, drive an "I-Roc", wear gold chains and call yourself "Vito", you will feel right at home.

Generally, the further south you go on the shore the less cheesy it becomes, but lately, the cheese has been spilling out as far south as Long Beach Island. The Shell on Engleside or the Katch are the only two places to really meet girls in Long Beach on summer weekends.

Ankara, Turkey

October 29, 2021


Just a short jaunt across the Mediterranean lies Turkey, which, like Israel, may get overlooked by traveling men looking for beautiful women.

Turkish women do not hook up with anyone who is not Turkish, but plenty of foreign women hit the shores of Kusadesi, Bodrum, and Gumbet for their summer holiday. These beautiful beach resort towns are on the Aegean Sea on the western coast of Turkey, about a 6-8 hour drive from Ankara or Istanbul. There are also reasonably priced buses that will get you there from the major cities, but will take a full day's worth of travel. Perhaps the best option is a quick flight, fast and cheap.

Florence, Italy

November 8, 2021


Florence is a beautiful place, I'd even say exquisite. The artwork here is absolutely priceless and unmatched in all the world, and for once, I am not talking about the women!

The River Arno runs south of downtown. Shops around the Duomo (the Cathedral) are the best places to meet the chicas doing their expensive shopping. They've got everything from Versace to Dolce and Prada to Max Mara. Now I am not the kind of guy who spends $400US on a T-shirt, no matter how tragically the designer he may have died, but as any well-traveled guy knows: where there is high fashion and great leather goods, there are attractive women.

Florence, like Rome, is a big college town. But unlike Rome, the Italian women generally check out of this city during the summer months, especially August. A lot of them head to the beaches on the Italian Riviera or elsewhere to work on their strapless tans. So although you will meet plenty of international girls here sampling the sights in Florence, there may be few Italian babes to chat up if you visit in the summertime. Check out the local girls in the University Quarter in and around Via San Gallo and Via Cavour.

To meet some of the beautiful, Italian women who live here year-round, head to Piazza Dell Republica or Piazza Singnoria, which are very popular during the day, along with Piazza Santo Spirito on Monday nights. Check out Lo Sfizzio on Lungarno Cellini and Space Electronic on Via Palazzuolo come nightfall.

When it's late on a weekend, you have to check out Meccano Meccano, a club so good they named it twice. It just takes a minute to fill out the ridiculous "membership applications" to gain entry. It's a huge club, it rocks on any given weekend night, and it's very Italian

The Piazza San Giovanni, Plaza San Spirito Via dei Calzaiuoli, and Via Roma are good places to meet foreign girls here on holiday in the summertime. Head to museums like the Uffizi and Accademia and do some sightseeing along with all of the other backpacking chicas.

If you want to meet one of the many US and other foreign students studying at the university, head to the Stonehenge on Via Dell Amorino or the Red Garter on Via D. Benci early evening. The Park District also has various student haunts. Ask around.

If you are going to finally have that one, decent Italian meal you promised yourself, this is the place to do it. Things are a little more reasonably priced here than they are in many other major Italian cities. Eat at a decent restaurant, try some pasta, olives, chianti, cappuccino, and gelati.