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Rochester, NY, USA

October 27, 2021


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Wichita, KS, USA

October 25, 2021


Geez us…  There are some beautiful, corn-fed, white women our here in the American heart land.  Stay at the Hyatt Hotel, if you can.  It's pretty and new and has a decent bar for a hotel chain.  Besides-- it’s the nicest hotel in town and adjacent to downtown-- like within walking distance.  Swade’s is a nice classy club—on Fridays it's Latino night and on Saturdays it'ss hip hop night.

 Heroes is a huge relatively new hot spot in town.  Avoid Indigo—unless you like fat, tatted up dark skinned girls with stretch marks, gold teeth and fake hair.  For the complete opposite experience, check out Doc Howard’s on a Thursday night.  That is whenever the University of Kansas girls are out here in force.  Rock Chalk Jay Hawk, baby!

West Palm Beach, FL, USA

October 25, 2021


Definitely do not miss a trip to West Palm Beach/Boca Raton if you can help it. Clematis Street in West Palm is phat on Thursday night when all of the Y comes out to play. Check out Dr. Feel Good, Monarchy,Rocko’s Tacos, Roxy’s and Bradley. City Place is super close to Clematis.  My fav places there are Blue Martini and Opa. Boca Raton is terrible these days.  The Jewish wives of all the rich dudes here have totally ruined the place.  There are no decent clubs anymore.  The Hooters here (which was once the best in the world) was forced to shut down.  For the YP head to Town Center Boca—a young hip mall, where you can troll for YP.  For more daytime game, head to the campus at Florida Atlantic University, where community college education never looked so good.  Or try Breezzi’s on the weekends.

Washington D.C., USA

October 25, 2021


Washington DC is of course the capital of the United States of America, a big college town, and the city where even the President can get some, whenever he wants it. There are tons of international chicks here thanks to all the foreign embassies, which add some variety to the local mix. Consequently DC rivals New York for boasting the most international residents on the East Coast. The city is divided into four zones. If you don't want to get shot, stabbed, mugged, or do crack and run for Mayor, stick to the safe and fun-filled Northwest area of town. There is a good amount of YP here in DC. owing to the many universities in the area, such as Georgetown University, George Washington University, The University of Maryland and especially Northern Virginia Community College (NoVa for short) just South of D.C. in Annadale, Virginia. Check them out during the day. Most of the action is on M Street starting from around Wisconsin Ave heading East to Connecticut Ave. Third Edition on Winconsin along with Garret' and LuLu's on M Street, The Sports Bar***, Decades on 9th and E, and the Mad Hatter*** are usually good, as are the clubs in the "golden triangle". The best titty bar in the city is Camelots on M Street. The hottest dance club is Tracks on the corner of 1st and M Streets. But be careful. It's gay on some nights, so unless you want to be doing the Macarana with Bubba and friends, I suggest you ask ahead of time. Fifth Column on F Street, the Insect Club on E Street and the Z Club on Z Alley and the Spy Club on 15th Street are also excellent. These are the bars with the South American chicas, who really like to dance. Adams Morgan is a very international neighborhood with plenty of bars and restaurants in which to party, but the ratio tends to be poor. Check out Club Heaven and Hell on 18th Street for cheesy 80's dancing and horny 20-something girls. Head to the cafes and clubs on the Harbor for post-collegiate beauties who are looking for a man with a future. Try Sequoia, if you want to land a gold-digger and don't mind sharing a bar with Euro-fag assholes who pull up to the harbor in their daddy's yacht. You might expect all the YP to leave town, when school lets out for the summertime. Think again. The city is packed with senatorial want-to-be's interning on Capitol Hill for their congressman or some federal agency. And if fat, 60 year-old senators successfully hook up with these bright-eyed naive patriots, you should have no problem. There are plenty Of intern parties also, usually thrown by students from a particular school who are rooming together in a house North of M street in Georgetown ("the G-spot"). Word gets around pretty fast and these parties can be a blast. The Fourth of July in Washington, DC kicks ass with a huge party on the "mall", the big green lawn in the shadow of the Washington Monument. In nearby Reston Virginia, the place to be is Market Street. Clydes, Tap Room, Pizzaria Uno, and shops like BeBe are the places to find the Y.

Venice, Italy

October 25, 2021


Venice is as romantic as Seville. That means you will feel like a squid, if you don't have a chick on your arm, as you walk or wade through Venice's roads and canals. Hopefully, you will be smart enough to have brought that girl you met in the French Riviera, and who, like you, is on her way to Greece. If you haven't runkled yet for lack of ambiance than you have come to the right place. Like Paris, Venice is organized (sort of) into districts and is divided in two by the Grand Canal. The unofficial center of the city is Piazza San Marco. Also like Paris, this city isn't cheap. So be careful with the cash. During the day check out the hordes of foreigner booty visiting places like the Accademia and Basilica dei Frari. The nightlife is how you may expect it to be in a quite, romantic city, very quiet and very romantic. Check out places off of the Campo della Maddalena or the Cannaregio and follow the noise.

Caracas, Venezuela

November 2, 2021


As one of my buddies once said about this place, "Man, this whole country is hot." He wasn't lying, there are some BEAUTIFUL women here.

But some of the social problems here may discourage the average guy from visiting. There is no middle class in Venezuela. There is rich, there is poor, and there is absolutely nothing in between. This not only causes problems for guys trying to meet dates, but also for those looking to stay safe. It is best to attach yourself to a local you can trust, who will steer you clear of the problem areas in downtown Caracas. Don't be worried if you see strange-looking men in the hotel lobby sporting AKA 57's. Apparently, they're there to protect you.

Because it's wise to be wary of those you don't know, the social scene down here tends to be very cliquey. Again, if you have a friend or acquaintance who can introduce you to the chicas, you'll be a lot better off.

The beaches in Caracas are excellent. Cuyagna on Estado Aragua, Playa el Agua on Margarita Island (especially on Easter Weekend and Christmas Week). Others worth mentioning include Puerto la Cruz, Choroni on Estado Aragua and Punta los Caracas, Todasana, Playa Grande and Cumuri (all in La Guaira).

The best clubs include Versus and Club M80 on Avenida Tamanaco in El Rosal, Bar Two in La Castellana, Amnesia in Centra Comercial Chacaito in El Chachaito where the dancers are up in the cool cages. There are sure to be plenty of girls to meet at any given time of the year.

Remember that the woman who wins the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant every year is almost always from Venezuela!

Utrecht, Netherlands

October 25, 2021


After Amsterdam and Rotterdam move onto the better university towns of Utrecht, Gronigen and Leiden. All of which are big university towns packed with beautiful and reasonable friendly Dutch chicks you have to stand on your toes to talk to. My favorite city in Holland by far is Utrecht. This place rocks in contrast to the "let's hang out and drink, talk and get stoned" mentality of the rest of Holland (save some good clubs in Amsterdam). There are some damn beautiful women here, mostly students and young professionals. The best bars and discos are situated down by the canal on Oudegracht Weerdzijde and Ouderkhof. The Shira and Sheeva Clubs here are perennial favorites, which are absolutely packed on the weekends. Like in Spain, every girl is smokin' hot, dressed well and is debunking every conceivable gravitational theory known to man, out there shaking them things on the dance floor. Wu! There is also a huge mall that is actually part of the central train station just west of here where you can scam during the day. The university is actually way out in the boon docks surrounded by farm country. Don't bother unless you are going to stay for a while. Unfortunately, the only youth hostel in this town is also way the hell out here. By you never know. You may get lucky and take a roll in the hay with one of the many fine farm girls turned collegiate coeds who are so numerous out there! The thing that struck me about this town was that fact that I had never seen more squids with gorgeous women for girlfriends anywhere else in my entire life. I met this 15-year-old Turkish kid who showed me around town one night. (The Turks are damn hospitable people by the way.) He brought me to all the good clubs, introduced me to his friends and took it upon himself to make sure that I had a good time, which of course meant I had to get runkled by one of the local chicks. We went through many gorgeous candidates that night or more accurately that morning, all of whom were eventually joined by their boyfriends who looked like they (had they lived anywhere else on Earth) should feel lucky just to masturbate while fantasizing about girls who looked this good. My new buddy, Amir, facilitated all interactions with the females out that night by making the first move on all sorties in my name. He arranged back-up, took care of many would-be Mother Theresa's guarding the entrances to their beautiful friends and also talked me up like a champion copilot. Thankfully, we met several worthy, unattached Amazon-sized, Zeena types, one of which decided to step up to the plate and make my decision of who to runkle an easy one. But hooking up with her meant that I would miss the last bus back to that damn youth hostel! Amir said, "No problem my friend!" At 4:30 in the morning, this kid rode his bike two miles out of town, picked up my stuff at the youth hostel and pedaled three miles to this chick's apartment to drop it off. It took him about an hour. He even waited patiently outside the door until the squealing stopped, mine— not hers. Remember how big these girls are. Now that my friends, is a wingman! The best time to visit is on the weekend during the school year. But there will always be plenty of booty around no mater when you visit, as there are also a ton of young professionals working in Utrecht year round.

Kyiv, Ukraine

November 10, 2021


What can I say about this country? WOW! The most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life live here. Let me say that again. The most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life live in Ukraine. I have no idea what they feed the women here, but whatever it is, we need to figure out how to bottle and sell it. I literally was falling in love every 30 seconds walking around the capital of Kyiv or the beach town of Odessa.

One problem though - they are typically NOT friendly. This country existed behind the “Iron Curtain” for decades and as such, they are very wary of strangers, foreigners, and people that they don’t know in general. If you don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian, you may be shit out of luck. The girls by the Universities sometimes do speak English, and English is becoming more and more common, but it still can be difficult.

One thing I really love about Ukraine is that the women here really put their best foot forward at all times. They may not be very wealthy, but they are stylish. They may only have two nice dresses or outfits and one nice pair of high heels, but they will wear them every day, wash them that night and wear them again the next day. There isn’t a bad tattoo, bad piercing, or ragged pair of jeans and a sweatshirt anywhere within a thousand miles of this place. All self-respecting Ukrainian women are in high heels and dresses, with perfect hair and makeup, every damn day. It’s just awesome.

This country is hella cold and grey most of the year, so go in the spring or summer when the girls are out and about and in better moods because of the weather. 

Odessa in the summertime is a must. There is a promenade by the Black Sea lined with bars and clubs, my favorite of which is called Ibiza. I am telling you that from Wednesday through Saturday, it is as good or better than Miami when I lived there in the heydays from 2000 to 2003. Unbelievable, outrageous, incredible are the only words I can use to describe it, BUT you are going to have challenges communicating so BE PERSISTENT! Like the Russian girls, the women expect you to be a man. If you like a girl, try, try and try again to see if she will eventually give you the time of day. 

Surrounding Countries
For a little change of pace from the more westernized countries of Eastern Europe try the rest of this area of the world, which is less traveled by foreigners. Polish women are gorgeous and Poznan, the college town equivalent of Austin, TX, is full of them. Early September each year the place is packed with newbies looking for new boyfriends. Bratislava in Slovakia anytime of year is good. Maribor is Slovakia’s Gainesville, FL. Just awesome. Zagreb in Croatia is worth a look-see, but Latvia may be better. Lavian and Lithuanian men are sparse as compared to other areas of Eastern Europe, due to war, so the ratios are always excellent. Finally, Romania is rumored to be the second easiest place in Eastern Europe to get laid - just after Russia.

Ankara, Turkey

October 29, 2021


Just a short jaunt across the Mediterranean lies Turkey, which, like Israel, may get overlooked by traveling men looking for beautiful women.

Turkish women do not hook up with anyone who is not Turkish, but plenty of foreign women hit the shores of Kusadesi, Bodrum, and Gumbet for their summer holiday. These beautiful beach resort towns are on the Aegean Sea on the western coast of Turkey, about a 6-8 hour drive from Ankara or Istanbul. There are also reasonably priced buses that will get you there from the major cities, but will take a full day's worth of travel. Perhaps the best option is a quick flight, fast and cheap.

Tucson, AZ, USA

October 25, 2021


Tucson is a much smaller town than Phoenix, but it's still a hell of a lot of fun. The place to be is Speedway Boulevard where the babes at the University of Arizona roam from Thursday to Saturday. The Cage and the Chicago Bar are my favorites. TD's Show Club (Gotta love the name) and Ten's, the best titty bars in this town are also on this street. This city really slows down come summer time when school is out, and the students head home. So plan your itinerary accordingly.